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Mitch Alive (The DJ)


Mitch Alive on the decks means you're going to have a party.

He wants to see people dancing and he knows how to make it happen. The Wheels of Steel are both the orchestra and the goalmouth.  With corner kicks and precise passing, artful flanking, deft dribbles, surprise throw-ins and spectacular bicycle kicks, Mitch brings a musical groove with him that brings the party alive.

With a sure hand, good taste in tunes and a firm grasp of the evening, Mitch offers an outstanding show which can only be described as a groove sensation.



Mitch & The Alives (The Live Band)


Mitch Alive (Turntables/ Percussion),

Yatziv Caspi (Drums), Noriaki Hosoya (Bass).


This is a Groove project from 3 musicians who are searching for a new way each using their own unique musical background and combining their experiences to take music in a new direction.


The creativity of modern turntablism is combined with the dynamic presence of acoustic instruments.


Yatziv Caspi electrifies the air with his incredible drums, Noriaki Hosoya brings the strings on the the bass guitar to life and Mitch Alive takes care of business with good old vinyl.


Fitting no standard genre, the project moves in its own direction and blazes its own trail.


The focus is on grooves to dance to and jazz, funk and soul are strong influences on the project's direction.


As an accomplished beat-juggler, Mitch Alive has mastered the ability to create melodies and rhythms using harmonies and breaks from vinyl.  New interpretations of classical music, raw groove and musical collages form again and again around his mixer. The drummer Yatziv Caspi is always good for a musical surprise


Hosoya´s bass forms the backbone, accentuates the rhythm and makes the people move.  The trio mix breakbeat with jazz, trip-hop with African rhythm.  Jazz impros move into Soul & Funk. These three supply repeatedly daring rhythm battles.


This is a show full of action and should not be missed.

Mighty Tiny Solar Street Music

The world's tiniest portable and solar powered dj set-up.

100% solar powered - 100% real 7inch vinyl records records.

The idea is to create a spontaneous platform in public places for musicians, artists, dancers and of course DJs.

The whole equipment fits into a trolley suitcase and is within a few minutes ready for musical action.

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